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Ferris Wheels of Kaohsiung Taiwan

Ferris Wheels of Kaohsiung Taiwan

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So I had no idea that ferris wheels were so popular here in Taiwan until yesterday when we went to see two separate giant ferris wheels.  One was at E-DA Mall (義大 遊樂世界), and the other was at Dream Mall (夢時代購物中心).
An interesting thing I noted is that most of the ferris wheels here are located at the rooftops of malls.  This is something I actually remember slightly from visiting Taiwazn when I was little:   Most things here are built up/vertically.  So what you’ll find here are malls 10 stories high and houses 4 stories high.  Well, I forgot that they also build amusement parks and apparently ferris wheels on the rooftops of those malls!

E-da Mall:

Ferris Wheel of E-Da at Night Time

E-da Mall is actually part of the E-da World Theme Park.  We didn’t go to the Theme Park area, and only walked around the mall and visited the GIANT ferris wheel above the mall.

Ferris Wheel of E-Da

The mall is built to look very western/european and the stores inside look much like the malls you see in the states, except fancier.

(Blurry) picture of the interior of E-Da Mall

The ferris wheel on top of the mall is about 80 meters (262 ft) in diameter and has 40 carriages that makes one rotation  every 15 minutes.  (Btw, London Eye has a diameter of 120 metres or 394 ft.)

Dream Mall:

View of Dream Mall and its Ferris Wheel

The dream mall is another mall that looked very western/European.  There is an amusement park on the rooftop and this is where the Ferris wheel is located.  This Ferris wheel is also known as the Kaohsiung Eye (高雄之眼).  This one is a bit smaller than the one we saw at E-Da with a diameter of 50 meters (160 ft).

Dream Mall Ferris Wheel at Night

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