Tea Dinner at Kaohsiung's "Dream" Mall (夢時代)

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The Dream Mall (夢時代購物中心) in Kaohsiung is not only the largest shopping mall in Taiwan, but also the largest in East Asia.  Unfortunately we didn’t stroll very long, as we came here after a whole day of sightseeing around Kaohsiung, and we were ready for some food in our tummies.

The restaurant we went to is called Ten Ren’s Tea (天仁茗茶).  This place is known for its tea.  Actually, it is mostly only known for its Tea and is Taiwan’s largest tea shop.  However, at the Dream Mall, Ten Ren’s Tea also has a restaurant, and you can find the food on the menu having to do with tea.  What I mean is food cooked with tea!

Soup’s Arrival

We got to order a 3 course meal, and you got to choose what you wanted for each.  So here’s what I ordered:

  • Soup: Wonton Soup
  • Side Dish: Stir Fried Cabbage
  • Entree:  Pu-Er Beef  (Pu-Er is a type of Tea)
  • Drink:  Taro Bubble Milk Tea
  • Not ordered but the meal also came with a bowl of rice, which I ignored as I was trying to stick with more Paleo than not.
Taro Bubble Milk Tea

I didn’t order this next one (my brother did), but it looked awesome so I thought I’d share.  This is a picture of Green Tea Ice Cream Green Milk Tea:

Green Tea Ice Cream Milk Green Tea

Just a note here, in case you didn’t know, Tea is a very popular beverage of the Chinese (it originated from China).  For example, I pretty much drink it every day multiple times a day.  Here in Taiwan, I see that instead of coffee in the break room, what you have is Tea in the break room.

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