Duck Blood and Stinky Tofu

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Duck blood is eaten in some European and Asian countries.  For example, there’s the Czernina from Poland, and there’s Duck blood and vermicelli soup from China.  In Taiwan, it is usually made in to a tofu shape and is basically cubes of clotted duck blood.  (The redness of the soup is just Spicy Chili Sauce and NOT the blood.)

Duck Blood Dinner
Duck Blood Lunch

Take a moment to get used to the idea, cause there’s more:  Stinky Tofu.  The best way to describe this is to remember how cheese is basically a fermented/cultured milk product.  Well, Stinky Tofu is basically a fermented/cultured tofu (which is made out of soy).  Why is it called that?  Because it may be a bit (or a lot) smelly!  Just like cheese!  Which makes me wonder… maybe in Taiwan, they should call it ‘cutting the stinky tofu’.

Anyway, back to my original topic.  My family and I stopped by a restaurant in Kaohsiung, Taiwan that is known for their Duck Blood dishes (and maybe even their Stinky Tofu, pictured below).  We ordered a few and shared it among ourselves in a normal Chinese fashion.  Here’s what we had:

Stinky Tofu from Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Stinky Tofu

Now, this next one is not something seen often like Duck Blood and Stinky Tofu in Taiwan.  This is a special Stinky Tofu Spring Roll pictured below.  To me, it tasted much like a normal spring roll, but with a small hint of stinky tofu which made it perfectly yummy to eat:

Stinky Tofu Spring Rolls from Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Stinky Tofu Spring Rolls


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  2. Hey Val, just noticed this particular blog post! We eat blood in England too, in sausage form. There are two types known as black pudding and white pudding, I forget the difference between them. We usually have them with ‘fry ups’ (basically an English breakfast…) xxx

    1. Oh cool! I didn’t know that! Though I have heard of ‘blood sausage’ or something like that. I think we have something kind of like that too, but instead of sausage being made of meat, they make it with rice! Also, shouldn’t you be in bed!! 😛

    1. Thanks! I now follow your blog, I like it too!

  3. Hello! In the Philippines, we also eat cubed chicken blood. It tastes good but still, it’s an acquired taste, a matter of getting used to… Duck blood is also used in some Chinese restaurants. It’s a little more expensive, though. It tastes good once you’ve gotten used to the smell. Duck meat is okay, for me… 🙂

    1. We have chicken blood mixed with rice made in to cubes, I believe. It is completely a different style though. I didn’t really notice a smell though..with either the duck or chicken blood. Duck meat I love!

      1. Ah, yes, we do have that here, too. Am glad there really seem to be similarities in Asian cuisines, haha. Actually, the chefs/cooks do something in their preparation to remove the smell, both for the ducks and the chicken. It’s probably just me whose nose still smell them a bit. It must be because I didn’t really begin to eat fowls/birds until I was in college… :c Yup, duck meat’s a winner! Hello, Tina… 😉

    1. That’s cool! I know a lot of people that won’t even try it. My theory is if it doesn’t hurt you and people actually enjoy it, why not give it a shot! Might be missing out!

  4. thank you for clearing up how “blood” is used – I wrote an article about food fads and blood was one for 2012–so now I know what they were talking about

    1. No problem! And, this is just one way of preparing it. I know there’s also things like blood sausage. I am unsure how they prepare it out in some other countries though.

      1. In Thailand they do something very similar but with chicken blood. I think it used to be something of a delicacy. These days it seems to be mostly used as a cheap alternative to meat. If you’re eating somewhere where the food is so incredibly cheap that they can’t afford to use chicken they’ll often use cubed chicken blood instead.
        It’s cheap and I suspect its really good for you. The taste leaves much to be desired…

        1. That is interesting! I don’t think it’s actually cheap here or anything, it’s just something people like to eat sometimes in Taiwan. Like I can’t imagine any of the restaurants replace the cubed duck blood with actual chicken. I know that we also have chicken blood but it’s served differently – almost sausage like. We also have pork blood.

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