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Recommended Diet Tracking Tools and What They Do

Recommended Diet Tracking Tools and What They Do

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Was starting a healthier diet part of you New Year Resolutions?  Usually, the motivation is great at the start of the new year, but then after a few weeks… or months, it’s just hard to be on top of it. The good news is there are plenty of free diet tracking tools online that can help you stay on top of it!  Here are two that I’ve used and recommend:

1.  My Fitness Pal

If you keeping track of calories, carbs, fat, and protein is all you are in to, My Fitness Pal is perfect for you.  When you first register for My Fitness Pal, it let’s you set a Diet Profile.  This means you get to enter information such as your current weight, goal weight, exercise information, and how much you would like to gain or lose per week (or maintain).

My Fitness Pal's Diet Profile
My Fitness Pal’s Diet Profile

After that, My Fitness Pal will suggested a diet target/goal for you in terms of calories, protein, fat, and so forth, along with a fitness goal:

My Fitness Pal's Suggested Goals
My Fitness Pal’s Suggested Goals

After this, everyday you can track your food and exercise.  For food, you can enter in what you had for each meal, and since so many people use My Fitness Pal, a lot of different food and their nutritional information is already on there.  If there isn’t, you can always make your own custom recipes.  After completing your entry for the day, My Fitness Pal will show you if you kept eating like this every day, how much you will weigh in a few weeks.

My Fitness Pal's Food Diary
My Fitness Pal’s Food Diary

2.  Paleo Track

Now, if a Paleo Diet is part of your new year resolutions, you might want to check out another diet tracking tool: Paleo Track!

Paleo Track's Food Nutrition Info
Paleo Track’s Food Nutrition Info

This tracking tool is specialized for Paleo diets.  Like other diet tracking tools, you enter in what you’ve eaten for the day and add it to your ‘journal’.   Since this is more of a paleo-specific diet tracking tool, it doesn’t have as many foods with nutrients listed to select from as other none-paleo diet tracking tools.  However, it let’s you add your own custom recipes.

Paleo Track's Food Journal
Paleo Track’s Food Journal

As you can see from the images, it breaks down information on Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, Vitamins, and Minerals for you.   Also another thing you will notice – it’s got awesome visuals – perfect for people that learn better visually!  The most helpful paleo aspect of it is that it also lists out any ‘red flags’ that you might want to take note of if you are trying to eat Paleo.   For example, if I were to have a slice of bread, it would tell me:

Paleo Track's Red Flags on Bread
Paleo Track’s Red Flags on Bread

So in conclusion, I recommend trying both of these out.  They both have their pros and cons, and they really help you stick to your diet if that is your main goal.  If any of you have any other free diet tracking tools you use and recommend, feel free to let me know!

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