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Paleo Hangover Cures

Paleo Hangover Cures

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It’s New Year’s Eve and let’s be honest here, a lot of us will not be keeping it paleo today with all the drinks that shall be had.  So let’s say you’ve taken all the precautions to make sure you don’t get a massive hangover, however, you weren’t successful.  So now what?  Don’t worry!  Here are some paleo hangover cures to help you get through it!!

1.  Eggs

Baked Eggs in Ham Cups

One reason you’re having a hangover is because of something called acetaldehyde.  Acetaldehyde is a toxic byproduct created during the alcohol breakdown process.  Your body naturally gets of it and can keep up with getting rid of it… unless you drink way too fast/much then your body needs some help!  This is where the eggs come in.  Eggs contain something called cysteine, which breaks down acetaldehyde, and provides you energy too!  Here’s a yummy egg recipe to try – Eggs baked in Ham Cups.

2.  Asparagus

oven roasted asparagus
Oven Roasted Asparagus

You can eat asparagus before, during, and after you drink for it’s benefits!  Scientists have found that it boosts enzymes that break down alcohol in your body.  Scientists have found that extract taken from the asparagus can help the body speed up alcohol metabolism.  It also contains minerals that help relieve headaches!  Here’s an easy oven baked asparagus recipe!

3.  Coconut and Coconut Water

Get some coconuts when you are having a hangover!  Coconut water is rich in electrolytes (think of it as nature’s Gatorade) and is a great hangover remedy because your body is super dehydrated after a night of heavy drinking.  (If you don’t have access to a coconut or are just lazy you can also purchase some Coconut Water.)  Also, coconut flesh is high in potassium and when you are hung over, you are most likely running low in potassium.

4.  Bananas

paleo hangover cures
Apple Banana Smoothie

The reasons for eating a banana is similar to the coconut.  Bananas will replenish your body’s potassium, and it is also is high in vitamin B6, which reduces hangover symptoms.  Another thing bananas do is it is a natural remedy against heartburn and nausea.  (Btw, knock eggs and bananas out with one breakfast – these Paleo Pancakes!)

5.  Fruit Juice 

paleo hangover cures
Simple Tomato Juice

Really, this could be any juice, such as Tomato Juice or Orange juice.   Fruit juices help give you energy by restoring vitamins and nutrients that were depleted the night before.  It also helps your body get rid of toxins.

paleo hangover cures

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