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What to do with Egg Yolks?

What to do with Egg Yolks?

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Let’s say you found the perfect paleo coconut macaroons recipe, (or any other recipe that only calls for egg whites).  You made it, it was a success (or not!) but now you’re left with a bunch of extra egg yolks you don’t know what to do with!  So what should you do?  I guess you can throw it out, but it breaks my heart a little to know that all this egg yolk is going to waste.  Here’s 10+ Things To Do With Leftover Egg Yolks!

So here’s a list of ideas I’ve assembled on what you can do:

Scrambled Eggs

What To Do With Egg Yolks Paleo Style

I’m going to start off easy and suggest scrambled eggs.  You can scramble your egg yolks up just as like you are making normal eggs.  If you want to not just have plain egg yolk scrambled, you can always add some diced mushrooms, green peppers, red peppers, in to the mix for your breakfast.  Think something like a breakfast scramble, but using egg yolks only!


One difficulty up – Make yourself an omelette!  Just like the scrambled eggs, this one is easy peasy, and you can spice it up by finding your favorite omelette recipe… here’s some ideas…

Spinach Omelette

omelet spinach paleo

Omelette with Summer Vegetables

Easy Paleo Omelette with Summer Vegetables

Paleo Western Omelette Cups

Paleo Western Omelette Cups

Eggs in Ham or Avocado Cups

What To Do With Extra Egg Yolks Paleo Style

Probably my favorite thing to do here:  Baked Eggs in Ham Cups!  Must I say more?  Obviously, you can’t make the one on the left with the whole egg, but you sure can make the one on the right by mixing up your egg yolks and dumping them in to ham cups and baking it!  Full recipe here.

Not a fan of ham?  Try it in an avocado!


Another yummy breakfast idea – make a frittata with your egg yolks!  Here’s a delicious one you can try:  Paleo Asparagus Mushroom Frittata!


What To Do With Extra Egg Yolks Paleo Style

Moving away from breakfast items, you can make some mayo!   You can make mayo and use it in deviled eggs, salad dressings, egg salads, and more! Recipe here.

Hollandaise Sauce

Not a mayo fan?  No worries, you can make Hollandaise sauce.  If your not familiar with what Hollandaise sauce it, it is lemony and buttery and goes great on eggs (ex: eggs benedict), vegetables (ex: asparagus) and fish (ex: salmon).  Hollandaise sauce only requires egg yolk (and no egg whites) so why not try it out!  Here’s a recipe on how to make the sauce, and here’s another one on using it with an asparagus side dish.


All right, how about desserts though?  No problem.  Some flan recipes call for only egg yolks and no egg whites, some call for a mixture of egg yolks and whole eggs, and some call for only whole eggs, so pay attention to the ingredients list!  Now, since our problem is excess egg yolks.  Here are some recipes to try:


Another egg-yolky dessert you can make with those extra egg yolks is the Custard!  Now, there are different kinds of ‘custards’ out there so you can choose between those that are more like pudding consistency to something that’s more thick (almost like flan).  Here’s a baked custard recipe.

Crème brûlée

Mmmmm. I love Crème brûlées.  They are pretty similar to those baked custards and flans, but something about that sweet topping really tops it off.  I know, you’re thinking, how is a load of sugar on top paleo?  Well, most paleo crème brûlées are topped with honey or something more natural than pure white sugar.  Here are some examples:

Egg Nog

When it is the season to be jolly, egg nogs are perfect for NOT wasting those extra egg yolks!  It’s funny, just thinking about egg nogs got my head singing Christmas songs… (Fa la la la la, la la la la!!!)  Any way……. as I was saying.  Egg nogs.  Egg yolks.  Here are some recipes from these paleo websites:

Throw It In Your Hair

You read that right. Apparently, you can make egg yolks in to a hair mask!  “Umm, WHAT?!” is probably what you’re thinking.  But, it’s true.  I found several ‘recipes’ to whip up a good Egg Yolk Hair Mask.  I may have to try this out some time when I have extra egg yolks.  Interesting recipes here.

Feed it to your dog

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this myself, but thanks to Jean in the comments… I realized this is another brilliant thing you can do.  If you have a dog and he/she likes human food (and you’re okay with it…) feed your egg yolks to him/her!  I’m sure they will LOVE it!

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Kelly @ A Girl Worth Saving

Monday 28th of August 2017

Girl I am counting down until I can start drinking homemade egg nog by the pint :)

Cristina Curp

Monday 7th of August 2017

I usually have left over whites! haha I use a lot of yolks in my cooking. Love all these ideas <3


Monday 7th of August 2017

This is great and a really useful list - especially based on the amount of eggs I consume! Thanks!

Holley @

Sunday 6th of August 2017

The egg yolk is my favorite part! They never go to waste in my house.


Sunday 6th of August 2017

Yes, homemade mayo is the best ever. Thanks for all of the great ideas!