Paleo Halloween Treats Recipes!

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Who here is excited for Halloween?  I AM!  But let’s face it – it sucks that it usually means consuming tons of sugar and unhealthy stuff.  So I put together a list of Halloween treats and snacks that are either paleo, gluten free, or just at least made with less junk than the usual sweets.  Here it is – Paleo Halloween Treats Recipes!

THAT’S NOT ALL!!!  Here are some other awesome candy recipes to check out that can make perfect Paleo Halloween Recipes:

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paleo halloween recipes

Did you enjoy these Paleo Halloween Treats Recipes? These were the treats, now looking for something savory? Check out my fun Paleo Halloween Appetizer recipes collection here!

You liked that didn't you? Here's more where that came from:


  1. What a great selection – you’d never know these were healthy foods. Kids will be psyched! I’m sharing on facebook. Thanks for including my gummy hearts.

    1. Thanks or having an awesome recipe for me to share! 🙂

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