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Paleo Margaritas Recipes

Paleo Margaritas Recipes

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All right, let’s not pretend.  If you are really trying to be super healthy, you probably won’t want to have any real margaritas.  But, for those of you that are in to both being healthy and having some fun…. then I have good news – I put together some ‘paleo’ (or as paleo as you can get it) margaritas for Cinco de Mayo!

 Against All Grain’s Paleo Margarita

Woot! Let’s party, this recipe by Against All Grain calls for some 100% agave, limes, honey, water, ice, and some extra stuff to make your paleo margarita a nice Cinco de Mayo experience!

 A Girl Worth Saving’s Paleo Margarita

Ever heard of “Paleo Margarita Simple Syrup”? ME NEITHER.  Apparently, someone came up with it, and A Girl Worth Saving used it in this awesome margarita recipe!

Fed & Fit’s Skinny Margarita

Let’s not lie to ourselves, one thing about being paleo is trying to make something as healthy as you can, so this margarita recipe by Fed & Fit using limes and oranges, makes me think yes please!

Jason and Shawnda’s Skinny Margarita

Skinny margaritas are usually ‘skinny’ because they consist of REAL ingredients and not crappy ones.  So this Skinny margarita by Jason and Shawnda is definitely worth checking out.

Ultimate Paleo Guide’s NorCal Margarita

Mmmm, this Margarita by Ultimate Paleo Guide consists of juice, club soda, and some tequila, I mean… how simple, and how margarita-y!

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