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Taiwanese Brunch at A Little More Cafe 多一點咖啡館

Taiwanese Brunch at A Little More Cafe 多一點咖啡館

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My first full day in Taiwan and my sister brought me to a nearby cafe for brunch called A Little More Cafe (多一點咖啡館). Pretty much every Taiwanese cafe is so incredibly adorable, including this one, and I super enjoyed the food!

I appreciated that the menu had both Chinese and English as though I’m fluent in both languages I am much more familiar with reading in English.

There were actually way too many delicious things so of course it took me a while to order, but what I wanted was definitely 1) something brunchy but also 2) something that was Taiwanese…

What’s interesting about that is traditionally there is no such thing as Taiwanese brunch BUT Taiwanese people are known for loving food and adapting their cuisine so this menu was full of those! I went with a popular Taiwanese dish called 就愛太~三杯醬燒鷄腿起司蛋捲mini土司 or the English description was Chicken Stew with Sesame Oil, Soy Sauce and Wine Omelet with mini Toast. OR to shorten that it’s basically Three Cup Chicken!!

Fun fact even the name starts with “Just love Tai(wan)” because this is a traditional Taiwanese dish.

With an omelet and these mini toasts things that are 1) adorable and 2) so tasty. I’m not even a bread person but I loved it!

Also it came with this tasty mushroom cappuccino (it’s a soup), and some side salad.

My sister’s dish was also super yummy – unfortunately I don’t recall exactly which one she ordered, but there was chicken, with some cheesy goodness, over an omelet, and sauteed veggies. Also came with the toast and mushroom cappucino/soup.

I do like myself a drink at brunch, so I also ordered myself a Bailey’s Irish Cream Latte 🙂

Overall, fantastic first meal in Taiwan at A Little More Cafe 多一點咖啡館 🙂

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