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Shin Yeh Japanese Buffet 欣葉日本料理

Shin Yeh Japanese Buffet 欣葉日本料理

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Shin Yeh Japanese Buffet 欣葉日本料理 is a popular restaurant chain in Taiwan that offers a wide variety of Japanese cuisine in a buffet format. They have several locations throughout Taiwan, including Taipei, Taoyuan, and Kaohsiung.

The one we visited was in Taipei and here’s a feel of the restaurant:

Now, I love me some good Japanese food, but I also knew it was a buffet (which meant quality can be not as good as a regular restaurant to me). HOWEVER, I also knew that I’m in Taiwan so it’s probably still going to be way better than any buffet we might have.

Ultimately I was right! Quality was great, I enjoyed the selection of food.

Here are some of the things we got:

I think there was actually a limit on how many sashimi you can get at one time, however, I will say the friendly sashimi chef was nice enough to give just a couple more. The fish was very fresh!

You can get hand rolls, sashimi, sushi, other seafood such grilled fish, tempura, mussels, this little soup from the teapot that I had forgotten exist until this trip to Taiwan.

I kind of only had 1 complaint if I had to come up with them:

This is actually probably a good thing but the waiters and waitresses were literally like standing around just waiting for you to finish your food to take it away haha… We were like slightly stressed out. And a couple of times weren’t even done! They just took it… TOO attentive if you will LOL

I would say overall Shin Yeh Japanese Buffet is a pretty good option for those who are looking for a delicious and affordable Japanese buffet experience in Taiwan.

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