The Ultimate Paleo Tomato Recipes Round Up!

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Did you know that technically tomato is a fruit and not a veggie? Well, they technically are, but most people treat them as vegetables. I’m a huge fan of tomatoes so I eat them every way I can!  That’s why I put together this Paleo tomato recipes round up!  There are breakfasts, salad, soup, stews, chili, entrees, side dish recipes and more!

Fun fact – a lot of countries (including Taiwan) we eat cherry tomatoes like they are fruit! Often times, I just buy me some cherry or grape tomatoes and go to town on them as if they’re grapes.  YUM!


Paleo Tomato Recipes
Eggs Poached in a Spiced Tomato Sauce (Shakshouka) by My Heart Beets

Eggs Poached in a Spiced Tomato Sauce (Shakshouka)

Paleo Asparagus Mushroom Frittata

Sun-Dried Tomato & Sweet Potato Frittata

Paleo Breakfast Salad with Simple Vinaigrette

Easy Paleo Omelette with Summer Vegetables


Balsamic Tomato Cucumber Avocado Salad

Balsamic Tomato Cucumber Avocado Salad

Super Easy Tomato, Mushroom, Spinach Salad

Jersey Tomato Salad

Paleo Grilled Steak Nicoise Salad

Zucchini Ribbon Salad with Avocado

Soup, Chili, and Stews

Paleo Tomato Recipes

Rustic Vegetable Tomato Soup

Chiense Tomato Egg Drop Soup (Paleo, Keto, Whole30)

The Best Mexican Chicken Soup

Tom Yum Soup with Shrimp

Curried Tomato Soup

Slow Cooker Tomato Basil Soup

Easy and Delicious Paleo Pumpkin Chili

Tomato Egg Drop Soup (Paleo, Keto, Whole30)

Perfect Whole30 Instant Pot Tomato Soup (Vegan)

Slow-Cooker Italian Chicken Stew

Snack Table Worthy Paleo Beef Chili

Spicy Paleo Slow Cooker Chili


Paleo Tomato Recipes
Creamy Tomato Artichoke Chicken by 40 Aprons

Creamy Tomato Artichoke Chicken 

Creamy Paprika Chicken Skillet

Pakistani Kima Beef Curry

Paleo Shepherd’s Pie with Roasted Veggies

Paleo Summer Squash Shrimp Skillet

Spicy Paleo Chicken Tikka Masala with Curry Roasted Vegetables

Super Easy Paleo BLT Wrap with Avocado

Roasted Spaghetti Squash with Grilled Marinara

Cilantro Lime Chicken with Avocado Pepper Salsa

Tuscan Chicken Skillet Recipe

Appetizers / Sides

Paleo Tomato Recipes

Fried Green Tomatoes

Sautéed Zucchini and Tomatoes

Bacon Egg Salad Tomato Bites

Grain-Free Fried Green Tomatoes with Cajun Lime Aioli

Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Baked Tomato Bites with Bacon and Portobello Mushrooms


Indian Onion Masala (Instant Pot)

10-Minute Marinara Sauce

Simple Tomato Juice

Make Your Own V8 Juice


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