A Paleo Breakfast: 2-Ingredient Pancakes

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Get this:  This pancakes recipe does not require ANY flour.  No almond flour, no coconut flour, nada.  In fact, it only requires TWO ingredients.  Two healthy ingredients!  Check out the recipe:

[schema type=”recipe” name=”2-Ingredient Paleo Pancakes” image=”http://i.imgur.com/jfLQvs.jpg” prepmins=”5″ cookmins=”10″ ingrt_1=”1 banana” ingrt_2=”2 eggs” ]

2 Ingredient Pancakes!
Your Happy Healthy Ingredients

That’s it!  And the instructions are super easy too!


1.  Peel the banana and cut it in to pieces and throw it in a Mixing Bowl.  Go ahead and crack those two eggs in there too.

2 Ingredient Pancakes!
Time to mix your pancake mix!

2.  Mix it all about! You can use a mixer like I did, so that you can get a more even consistency.  If you don’t have one laying around, just make sure you blend it well enough!
2 Ingredient Pancakes!
Banana-Egg Pancake Mix

3.  Oil up your Skillet/Pan(I used Coconut Oil) and then pour the paleo pancakes mix in to the pan.  Cook like you would with normal pancakes.
2 Ingredient Pancakes!
Making Pancakes!

4.  Eat it! I drizzled some Honey on mine.  But really, the banana pancakes are already sweet, so that is totally optional.

The important thing here though, is to realize it is obviously not going to taste exactly like pancakes you make from flour.  However, for a pancake that doesn’t have any flour, it is quite and awesome recipe find!



  1. My favorite way to make pancakes! I also like to add cinnamon and pure vanilla extract to the mix. Then, I spread on grass-fed butter and drizzle coconut butter on top when I eat them. It’s so good! Alternatively, a bit of almond butter is good too.

    1. Hi! So there are actually different ratios you can try out, I think it is more personal preference. Someone suggested me to try using 1 banana to 1 egg instead of 1 banana to 2 eggs to get a less ‘egg-y’ pancake. So I guess it is up to you how much egg vs banana but which ever you do, if you want more pancakes, keep that ratio constant. Hope that helps!

  2. I made these this morning for my 13 mo old. He loved them! And I loved that it was a great way to get more fat from the coconut oil as well as eggs, he’s not yet fond of them. And they tasted amazing on their own! Mine were really thin so I’ll have to mess with them to see if there’s a way to make them thicker. Thanks for posting the recipe!!

    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by! If you want them a bit thicker you can try one egg to one banana ratio! The recipe I posted says 2 eggs to a banana, but in reality it depends a bit on the size of your eggs and the size of your bananas and also your personal preference. Another thing you can do is actually add 1 tbsp or coconut flour or almond flour which should thicken it up 🙂 Good luck!

    1. That actually sounds REALLY good! I am thinking the next time I make these I will be adding some extra flavors like those 🙂

    1. No problem! Hope it goes well! Also, if you have smaller bananas, you might want to go with 1 egg 1 banana, so that it is less egg-y! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Let me know how it turns out! I still haven’t tried adding anything to it yet. I have some walnuts at home and I am thinking about trying that out 🙂

  3. I just made these from a different website with the 1:1 ratio, and I’m not sure I’m in love. They taste like a banana omelette which isn’t awful but it’s definitely “eggier” than I expected. Do you think adding a bit of coconut or almond flour would help? Or is it just a personal taste thing?
    I think if I was off gluten/wheat these would be a great substitute though, maybe it’s just because I made pancakes from scratch the other day so the taste was fresh in my mind…

    1. Yes, I have definitely heard of people telling me they have added some almond flour or coconut flour to the recipe so that it’s not as ‘eggy’ and more like a normal pancake, so I would definitely try that out! Good luck!

  4. SO good!! I played with this a little as I went … Started with 2 eggs, 1 banana and a dash of cinnamon. The first two were super thin, so I added a banana. This made them thicker, but because they cook so quickly, I discovered you WANT them on the thin side, so I added another egg and a little nutmeg (because it was out and it sounded good!) and that was about perfect! We didn’t add anything on top, but they were pretty coated in coconut oil. (I used a lot 😉 ). My almost 2 year old and 8 month old both LOVED them (as in, I only got two!! Haha!) the true test will be if my husband likes them 😉
    So my final thoughts are, if you have a few people eating, my best ratio was 2 bananas 3 eggs.
    Thanks for this!!! 🙂

  5. I made these for my mom Saturday AM, then she and I made them for my brother, sis-in-law, and nephew Sunday AM. In both cases they turned out great! We added some blueberries and/or coconut to jazz them up a bit more which turned out really well. Best of all they weren’t super heavy and energy-zapping like I normally find a stack-o-pancakes to be. Thanks for the great recipe, I’ll definitely be making these often!

  6. Just curious, anything else you’ve tried besides bananas? I don’t care for them, but I like the concept of the recipe. I was just looking for alternatives.

    1. I have yet to try it with anything else! I’m thinking you would need something that’s similar texture to bananas.

  7. Game Changer!
    Thank you for this recipe I can’t wait to give it a try. I am also thinking savory with bacon or ham pieces and maybe even some type of sandwich…
    I haven’t had a sandwich in four months+ and I do really miss them.
    My co workers can’t really understand what I am going on about but this is a whole new universe for me.
    I love the site and will be back often.
    Thanks again.

    1. Is your batter coming out to liquidy? Your eggs might be too big if so. I would either add a little bit more banana or a little bit less egg.

  8. Major fail. Doesn’t firm up. all I got was mushy broken pancakes. Added some coconut floor which helped a little, but what did I do wing?

  9. If it’s too eggy tasting just up the banana to egg ratio. 1:1 not 1:2. Add vanilla. Make sure you mix it enough so that the egg is not separate from the banana leaving “chunks of banana in an omelette”. These were a hit in our home, as they were filling and not tasting like fluffy pancakes with no sustenance, nor needing an additional side of protein, like sausage.

  10. These were quite tasty! I made them in a mini-Omlet pan and tried them in a mini-waffle pan. Worked out better I thin bc the batter is so thin. I will def make again! Maybe try those egg molds to keep the batter from running.

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