Five Easy, Healthy, and Paleo Snacks

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A lot of people think that snacking is difficult if you’re trying to eat healthy or paleo because of the amount of processed foods super markets offer.  Well, skip the snack aisle which is full of cookies, Doritos, and candy bars, and try out these healthy snacks the next time you are hungry!


Talk about easy paleo snacks… bananas come in their own package! They’re also a super healthy snack (great source of potassium, which maintains normal blood pressure and heart function), so I bring one (or two) to work everyday!

If bananas aren’t your thing, any other fruit will work – apples, grapes, cherries, oranges, whatever!  Just be sure to go organic for some fruits (ex: apples) because they have higher amount of pesticides.


Nuts are a great filling snack.  My favorite is almonds – they are a good source of manganese, copper, magnesium,  vitamin E and riboflavin.  Skip the peanuts.  They are actually not nuts and are legumes.

If you are not a fan of just shoving a bunch of nuts in your face, try mixing different nuts with dried fruits, dark chocolate chips, and seeds to make a yummy trail mix!

Here’s some more info about nuts!


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I mean the healthy chips.  Such as kale chips, zucchini chips, and sweet potato chips you can make yourself!  These are yummy but make sure you are going to eat them within a couple of hours of making them or else they might become stale!  There are also some of these chips you can buy in some grocery stores here and there (try Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s).


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This one takes no preparation as you can just buy a can or pouch of tuna from the store and eat it any time!  Tuna is a great source of protein, and  is a natural source of special omega-3s.

Hard Boiled Eggs

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Another snack full of protein is hard boiled eggs!  Easily portable too!  If you are feeling too lazy to hover over boiling hot water to make them, a good way to make them is actually to bake them! This way you can make a whole week’s worth at once.

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