The Ultimate Paleo Cakes Round Up

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If you’ve chosen to eat a gluten free, grain free, or paleo lifestyle, you might be missing delicious cake like crazy right now.  You don’t have to be!  There are actually plenty of delicious healthy cakes out there to try.  Here’s a good list of Paleo Cakes to try now!  There are chocolate cakes, vanilla cakes, carrot cakes, cakes with fruit, and more for any occasion!

Chocolate Cakes

The Ultimate Paleo Cakes Round Up
Mini Paleo Chocolate Cake (with Ramekins) from Oh Snap! Let’s Eat!

Mini Paleo Chocolate Cake (with Ramekins)

Chocolate Cardamom Cupcakes with Sweet Potato Frosting

Paleo Death By Chocolate Cake

Paleo Chocolate Zucchini Cake (with Raw Chocolate Frosting)

Spiced Dark Chocolate Cake

Paleo Chocolate Cake In A Cup

The Ultimate Paleo Cakes Round Up
Chocolate Fudge Skillet Cake by Get Inspired Every Day

Chocolate Fudge Skillet Cake

Easy Texas Sheet Cake

Paleo Chocolate Birthday Cake With Chocolate Frosting (Dairy, Gluten And Nut-free)

Amazing Paleo Chocolate Cake (gluten-free, dairy-free)

Fruity Cakes

The Ultimate Paleo Cakes Round Up
Chocolate Fudge Raspberry Sauce Cake by Beauty and the Foodie

Chocolate Fudge Raspberry Sauce Cake (Low Carb)

Paleo Lemon Blueberry Poke Cake

Southern Style Strawberry “Jello” Cake

Strawberry Skillet Shortcake

Apple Pie Skillet Cake

The Ultimate Paleo Cakes Round Up
Pineapple Dreams Coconut Cake by Fresh Planet Flavor

Pineapple Dreams Coconut Cake

Orange Dream Cake

Orange Coconut Cake (Paleo / Primal, Gluten, Grain, Dairy Free)

Mini Grain Free Pound Cakes With Peaches, Blackberries And Cream

Paleo Apple Cinnamon Poke Cake With Caramel Sauce

Paleo Apple Spice Coffee Cake

Orange Walnut Paleo Cake with Cardamom Cream

Carrot Cakes

The Ultimate Paleo Cakes Round Up
Grain-Free Carrot Cake by A Calculated Whisk

Grain-Free Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake with Tangy Vanilla Frosting

Paleo carrot cake with a coconut “cream cheese” frosting

Healthier Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Healthy Carrot Cake (Gluten-Free!)

Lemon Cakes

Gluten Free and Paleo-ish Lemon Cake

Lemon Olive Oil Cake

Grilled Pound Cake With Lemon Curd

Paleo Lemon Cupcakes

Almond Flour Lemon Cake

Other Cakes

The Ultimate Paleo Cakes Round Up
Vanilla Bean Faux Cheesecake by Delicious Obsessions

Vanilla Bean Faux Cheesecake

Paleo Vanilla Cake

Paleo Pumpkin Cake In A Cup

Simple Coconut Flour Cake (Gluten And Grain Free, Paleo)

Triple Ginger Cake (Gluten Free And Grain Free)

Vanilla Cake

Paleo Vanilla Birthday Cake


  1. What a wonderful collection of cakes! Thank you so much for including my carrot cake!

  2. Wow now this is a cake round up for sure! Lot us of options available for anyone looking to make ‘paleo’ type cakes.

  3. Avatar Cristina Curp says:

    Tis bday season! Thanks for an awesome, and useful round up!

  4. These look so delish! I love how you have a whole category for Lemon Cakes, rightfully so. Those are my favorite!

  5. So many choices to choose from. I especially love the carrot cake. It looks so cute !!

  6. Wow! So creative and so many options! I have a little one with a birthday coming up in August so I’ll be looking through these!

  7. Wow, so many great cakes in this roundup! It sure is a good time to be Paleo – no need to feel deprived of anything when you look at this list!

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