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10 Vegetables You Can Regrow from Kitchen Scrap

10 Vegetables You Can Regrow from Kitchen Scrap

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You heard right!  You can regrow these common veggies you probably already have at your house.  Think about how many times you’ve cooked these vegetables and then threw it right away without thinking, whoa I can totally regrow this thing and save a couple bucks.  Well, you can start regrowing them now.  Here are the vegetables!



I love basil, and was super excited to learn that you can regrow it!  It’s funny, because I already started planting my own a while ago, so it’s a little too late for me, but maybe it’ s not for you!   Here’s an article on how to regrow basil from scrap!


Cilantro, aka Coriander, the staple of so many delicious dishes such as this Mexican Chicken Soup and Zucchini Ribbon Salad with Avocado.  Click here to learn how to regrown Cilantro


10 Vegetables You Can Regrow from Kitchen Scrap

Scallions (or aka green onions) is another great way to flavor your food.  Chop them up and sprinkle them on anything… such as these Baked Eggs in Ham Cups!  Here’s how to regrow scallions.


Click here to learn how to regrow celery.   While celery is mostly water, it also provides vital vitamins and minerals. Celery is low in calorie and includes vitamin A, which supports immunity, skin, and eye health. It also has vitamin K which helps blood to clot and protects bone density.

Need ideas for celery?  Try my Simple Mushroom and Celery Stir Fry (Whole30, Paleo, Plant-Based, Vegan)!

Romaine lettuce

10 Vegetables You Can Regrow from Kitchen Scrap

Romaine lettuce makes a delicious salad.  Here’s how to regrow romaine lettuce from scraps.

Bok Choy

What the hell is Bok Choy?  Think of it as the Chinese cabbage in terms of how common it is eaten.  However, don’t think of it as the Chinese ‘cabbage’ when it comes to taste, as it is nothing like the American cabbage!  Here’s how to regrow it!

If you’re looking for a Bok Choy recipe – Have I got one for you! Here’s my Easy Stir Fried Shanghai Bok Choy with Garlic – recipe here.


10 Vegetables You Can Regrow from Kitchen Scrap

You’re probably wondering how you can possibly grow another carrot… from a carrot.  Well, technically you can grow the actually carrot PLANT (the leaves) with the carrot.  So here’s a link on how to regrow carrots.


A lot of people think of ginger as associated to Asian dishes.  Well, not saying they are only for Asian dishes, but yes, I do use them a lot when I’m making Chinese dishes… such as Eggplant in Garlic Sauce and Pan Fried Honey Teriyaki Salmon Fillet.  Click here to learn how to regrow ginger!


Onions are very healthy for you and a great way to flavor your food… I use it in this Easy Coconut Curry Chicken recipe (one of my faves!)  Click here to learn how to regrow onions from scrap!


Leeks are very high in Vitamin K and provide great Cardiovascular support for you.  Here’s how to regrow leeks from kitchen scrap!

[photo credits: scallions, romaine lettuce, carrots]

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