Fun, Yummy, and Paleo Grill Recipes (Part II)

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The weather is warming up, and Memorial weekend is just around the corner… which can only mean one thing.  It’s time to GRILL!  That’s why I’m assembling a list of awesome paleo grill recipes (similar to the one I did last year here).  Check it out!

Update 6/14/2020 – The newest list is here!

Cilantro Lime Chicken

Cilantro and Lime go together so well, they almost always go together in recipes… such as this one!  This Cilantro Lime Chicken recipe by Savory Lotus shows you how to marinate and grill a whole chicken in to a yummy cilantro lime flavor for the whole family (or one REALLY hungry person.)

Rostelle:  Grilled Lamb Skewers

Have you ever heard of Rostelle or Arrosticini?  It’s a  traditional Italian cuisine and is basically made with mutton/lamb grilled on a skewer.  Sounds appetizing?  I have the perfect recipe for this from The Nourished Caveman!

Peruvian Anticuchos: Marinated Beef Heart Kebabs

Paleo Grill Recipes

All right, we are about to go in to some grilled Offal recipes aka Organ Meats.  Now if you’ve had it and hate it, go ahead and skip this and the next one (though I think you could give it another try :P) If you already know you’re a fan… you should totally try this Peruvian Beef Heart Kababs recipe from The Curious Coconut!

BBQ Chicken Livers and Hearts

Paleo Grill Recipes

 I’m about to introduce grilling one of my favorite offal meats… chicken hearts!!  (Btw, off topic, they used to serve this awesome Chicken Hearts taco at one of my favorite restaurants, Holy Taco, but they serve it no more!)  Anyway, back to the recipe.  The Nourished Caveman shows you how to grill both chicken hearts and chicken liver here!

Date Sweetened BBQ Sauce

Paleo Grill Recipes

Allright, let’s say you got everything all grilled up… and it seems like something is missing… it’s probably the BBQ Sauce (or maybe it’s the beer, haha).  Here’s a healthier BBQ sauce sweetened by dates (not sugar!) from Predominantly Paleo you should try out.

For even MORE delicious paleo BBQ sauces… check out my BBQ sauce round up here!

Fun, Yummy, and Paleo Grill Recipes


  1. In Summer all we do is BBQ! My husband is quite the bbq buff, but I love to have new recipes that I can try, instead of the same old ones!
    Nice roundup!!

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