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Delicious Oxtail Recipes

Delicious Oxtail Recipes

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Oxtails are rich and flavorful which makes it no surprise that it’s a prized ingredient in many kitchens around the world! They make delicious stews, soups, and more! Here’s over 20 delicious oxtail recipes – so many ways you can prepare Oxtail!

About oxtails

Have you ever had oxtail before? It doesn’t sound like the it would be super tasty if you are new to it as it is literally the tail of a cow, but wow – this is one of the yummiest cuts of beef!

The reason it is so delicious is because it is packed with flavor. It is usually slow cooked and the meat becomes this super melt in your mouth tender piece of meat. And, it also is packed with collagen which is 1 – good for skin health, relieve joint pain, and prevent bone loss and 2 – breaks own in to gelatin, giving stews and soups a thick texture.

Usually this meat is sold chopped in smaller pieces. And while I usually buy mine at my local Costco, I’ve also seen it at Publix and Kroger. If you can’t find any you may need to find your local meat / butcher shop. I will say one thing though it is one of the pricier cuts of meats, so don’t be shocked by the price!

Oxtail is often the star ingredient in stews and soups, and it is eaten all around the world! There’s Jamaican oxtail stew, Italian Coda alla vaccinara, Chinese oxtail soups, and more! So scroll down to check out all the delicious oxtail recipes!

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Oxtail Recipes

Are there any oxtail recipes you love but I didn’t mention? Please share by commenting below!! I’m always looking for more tasty oxtail recipes 🙂

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