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30+ Delicious Asian Tofu Recipes

30+ Delicious Asian Tofu Recipes

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Tofu is a very popular ingredient in many Asian countries – it’s not a surprise, there’s so many ways you can prepare it! That’s why I put together this round up of delicious Asian tofu recipes to try at home – including Chinese mapo tofu, Thai curry tofu, Korean tofu soup, Japanese teriyaki tofu, and more!

What is tofu?

First things frist, tofu which is also known as bean curd, made from soy bean curds. It is pressed in to solid white blocks.

I like to think of it in the following analogy: Cheese is to Dairy Milk as Tofu is to Soy Milk!

This is because cheese is made when milk separates into curds and whey, and tofu is made when soy milk separates into curds and whey.

What type of tofu to use?

Tofu is categorized by how soft or firm they are. There’s silken, regular, firm, extra firm, and super firm.

To provide an idea of how soft/firm they are, silken is the softest type of tofu, and so you will want to be gentle when cooking with this type of tofu as to not break it all apart. Some say it is about the same softness as young white cheese.

Firm tofu is most commonly used and it has about the same firmness as feta cheese. Super firm tofu can sometimes be compared to meat in terms of firmness.

So when you are cooking tofu, make sure to get the right type of tofu (usually mentioned in the recipe.)

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30+ Delicious Asian Tofu Recipes

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