Easy To Make Homemade Hibachi!

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Now that summer is over, and it is getting cooler, this is the perfect time to hang out outside for dinner.  You can grill up some burgers, chicken whatever you want if you have a grill, but if you’re looking to switch it up, here’s an awesome outside dinner idea (and by awesome, I mean fun and delicious):

Cumin Shortribs, Salmon, and Marinated Ribeye Pieces
Cumin Shortribs, Salmon, and Marinated Ribeye Pieces

Homemade Hibachi!  That’s what I’m calling it for now, but you can call it whatever you want, but I think we can all agree it’s awesome.  Also, if you are a fan of the Paleo diet, you’re gonna love this!!  So here’s what you need:



  • Butter
  • Any thing you want to hibachi up!  Just make sure it’s not some giant thing that will take forever to cook, chop up your steaks and what not.

Here’s what we used to give you some ideas:

Marinated Pieces of Ribeye Steak  for Homemade Hibachi
Marinated Pieces of Ribeye Steak

Steak Marinade

By popular demand, here’s the marinade for the steak that my mom uses.  Marinade for 20-30 minutes:

  • Green onions
  • Garlic
  • Honey
  • Soy Sauce
  • Rice wine(米酒)


King Oyster Mushrooms for Homemade Hibachi
Sliced up King Oyster Mushrooms
Salmon with Black Pepper for Homemade Hibachi
Salmon with Black Pepper
Wild Shrimps for Homemade Hibachi
Marinated Wild Caught Shrimps


1.  Fire up your griddle.

2.  Butter up your griddle.

3.  Start throwing your ingredients on the griddle:

Starting to cook
Starting to cook

4.  Wait while you smell how delicious the food is:


5.  Eat!

Almost done!
Looks about done!

6.  Repeat 2-5 until way too full!!

I really recommend trying this out sometime before winter is here and it’s too cold in the backyard! Also, something else you can do is make some salad at the side so that you eat salad while you wait.  But this type of dinner is best with a large group of friends around so you’ll be having a blast and before you know it, your yummy homemade hibachi will be ready to eat!

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    1. Yeah, I never thought much of it before, cause my family does this since I was little, but then I realized the other day that I don’t even know any one else that does this! So I thought I’d share! :) You should try it out some time!

  1. What marinade did you use? I LOVE Hibachi, as does my mom so this would be perfect for our upcoming family get together, but I don’t know what marinades to use!

    1. Hi! My mom made this one, she used green onions, garlic, honey, soy sauce, rice wine (mijiu) and then marinade for 20-30 minutes for the beef. Hope that helps!

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