A Paleo Breakfast: Baked Eggs in Ham Cups

I can not get enough of these simple, easy, and paleo breakfasts (think 2-ingredient pancakes)!  This one is perfect and you can really go as creative as you like with your ingredients.  I made two different styles of it:  Scrambled and Non-scrambled.

A Paleo Breakfast:  Baked Eggs in Ham Cups

Baked Eggs in Ham Cups
Baked Eggs in Ham Cups

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

  • Eggs
  • Ham or Turkey (I used smoked turkey)
  • (Optional) Scallions or what ever you like with your eggs!


0.  Preheat your oven to 400°F.

1.  Grease up your Muffin/Cupcake Pan.  You can either spray it down with some cooking spray, or you can do what I did which was smear some Coconut Oil all over it.

2.  Fit 1 or 2 slices of ham in to each muffin cup.  I used two because my ham was sliced real thin.

A Paleo Breakfast:  Baked Eggs in Ham Cups

Ham Cups in the Making

3.  (Optional)  Depending on if you want your eggs all scrambled or not, you can crack an egg in to a separate cup and beat it before dumping it in to the ham cups.  If you do decide on doing this, you can also mix in your other ingredients (think chopped mushrooms/scallions/spinach).

4.  If you like your eggs whole, go ahead and crack that egg in to the cup!

5.  (Optional)  Throw a few pieces of your chopped up scallions on top for garnish!

A Paleo Breakfast:  Baked Eggs in Ham Cups

Eggs, Scallions in Ham Cups


6.  Pop that muffin pan in to the oven which you previously preheated  400°F and bake for or however well you like your eggs.  When I went with 15 minutes, my scrambled egg version was more well done than my non-scrambled one, so you might want to keep that in mind.

A Paleo Breakfast:  Baked Eggs in Ham Cups

Egg and Ham Cups

Look how beautiful they are!  Here’s a close up on the non-scrambled version:

A Paleo Breakfast:  Baked Eggs in Ham Cups

Baked Eggs in Ham Cups


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117 thoughts on “A Paleo Breakfast: Baked Eggs in Ham Cups

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    1. Brad

      I hope you don’t mind. We shared this recipe with our community and back linked to your site. Let me know if this is OK. Thanks for the great recipe :).

      1. Tina Post author

        Hi Brad! Thanks for letting me know! It’s fine with me as long as you make sure to link back to this original post :) I’m glad you liked it – yours looks like it turned out great.

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      1. Night Owl Kitchen

        I personally like them cold from the fridge the next day. My Dad would reheat his in the microwave for about 30 seconds. If you’re storing them in the freezer, you’ll need to thaw them out completely before reheating them. Happy eating :)

      2. Night Owl Kitchen

        I personally like them cold from the fridge. My Dad likes to reheat them in the microwave for about 30 seconds. If you’re pulling them out from the freezer, thaw them out completely and then reheat in the microwave. Hope you enjoy!

  11. Karen Dawkins

    Hi there! I’m a travel writer. My kids and I just got back from a fabulous B&B that inspired a B&B breakfast at home. May I share your recipe there, with appropriate link-back to your site?

    This looks easy, yummy and fun! :)

    1. Tina T. Post author

      Sure thing! I really appreciate you sharing it and linking back to my site! It really helps me keep up this site! Can you please share with me what you write? I am very excited! :)

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    1. Judy

      Their great frozen and microwaved we had ours froze for a week
      Very good!!! wrap tight w glad wrap and put in freezer bag to keep fresh!

  13. Adam

    A coworker told me about these the other day, and I just had them for dinner. These are just awesome. I might eat eggs more than any other single food, so something like this is right up my alley. I was shocked how easily the thin-sliced ham takes the shape of the cupcake pan, and how easy just 1 egg settles into the shape. I added a bit of cheese (I know, I know…) to these too.

    Anyway, they turned out completely perfect. I just wanted to thank you for having these up here!

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    1. tsaitina Post author

      Hey! I have tried it with bacon once. The thing you have to know is that some bacon will not be cooked thoroughly if you just stick it in the oven with the egg to start with. So what you can do is either line the muffin pan with the bacon and cook in the oven for a couple mins and then crack the eggs in there. Then you can just follow this recipe like normal. Good luck! Hope it turns out well :)

    1. tsaitina Post author

      Good (and funny) question – Nope, they definitely didn’t! For the most part, meat and veggies/fruits that were around during the paleolithic age are actually not even around today. I guess that causes a lot of confusion because people tend to think that the paleo diet is a “reenactment” diet (meaning we are trying to 100% eat like a cave man) but of course is actually not the point (the point is to eat healthier!) Now, I would not recommend eating a load of processed deli meats such as ham/bacon because they can contain nitrates/nitrites. However, if it is nitrate free, and is organic, or pasture raised, I am prone to say that it’s okay in moderation. So I recommend checking the ingredients of the ham/bacon you are thinking about buying too. I hope that helps you pick out what kind of meat to get if you were thinking about making this.

  16. DragNwifeByHair


    First I want to say. This is an AWESOME website. Keep up the great work. I’m a Cave Man style eater myself and the food on this site looks great and not very hard to make, but I did have the same question. I believe in the Paleo/Caveman way of eating. We are not supposed to eat deli meat. Is that correct?

    Sent it again. I needed to update email address.

    1. tsaitina Post author

      Hey! No problem about the double post, my comment filter thingy fixed it :) I just answered the previous commenters question. Didn’t realize how much I wrote until I submitted it lol… so LONG story short version: 1. Paleo diet isn’t a reenactment diet. We are trying to eat healthy by eating meats, veggies, fruits, while cutting out processed foods. 2. Deli meat is for the most part processed, but if you can find nitrate/nitrites free ham/bacon that is organic/pasture raised or something it is fine in moderation. (I recommend checking the ingredients in the Nutritional fact section) Hope this helps!

      1. DragNwifeByHair

        I appreciate the rapid reply! So, in other words. Ham or Turkey directly from the deli freshly cut would be good to use? Rather than using ham or turkey from a package.

        1. tsaitina Post author

          Ha, no problem, I was responding to the other commenter when you left your comment. Can’t guarantee I’m always this fast! :) So I would say to check the ingredients on the deli meat you’re going to buy in a package. Something like http://www.applegate.com/products/natural-roast-beef (which contains: Beef, Water, Salt, Coated With Salt And Pepper)is going to be way better than something that has a bunch of ingredients you can’t even pronounce!

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    1. Thomas

      —–Hi, I have the same question… This is such a great idea…and they really are delicious.
      —–I made a back of twelve, though (dozen eggs, 12 spots in the muffin tin). Some websites say eggs can only be kept in the refrigerator for only 72 hours.
      —–Does anyone make these in batches? What’s the best way to do that? Thanks.

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  20. Tina

    Those look so good, I will definitely have to add that to my to make list for this week. I need some ideas of things that I can make up ahead of time that I can just reheat and go.

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  50. Cindy

    Has anyone tried these in a liner? I sprayed the cups before baking and still ended up with egg spilling over the sides of the meat and getting stuck to the pan. I like the idea, but cleanup isn’t going to be easy… Hoping for a tip?

    1. tsaitina Post author

      Hey Cindy, you might not want to put an entire egg in one cup then. Sometimes when my eggs are too big, I split them up. It’s especially easy if you are baking it scrambled too!

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  69. Sally

    Delicious! We pre-cook roasted veggies, or have cold salads… heat one of these, grab some veggies–super easy, super delicious! We reheat at 30 seconds in the microwave. Have frozen, just pull out the night before, place in refrigerator… reheat and go! Thank you so much!

  70. shannon

    Has anyone tried to put and keep in the fridge for a few days? It’s just me and would be awesome to make them one day and have them for the week! They sound yummy! Thanks for the recipe!!

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  73. clcooks

    The recipe looks amazing and a great way to meal prep for the week. I am curious about your nutrition information, an egg is about 70 cal and 7g protein. However you have listed 40 cal and 4 g protein. This is far from a deterrent for making this (ham has been added to the grocery list).

    1. tsaitina Post author

      Thanks for doing the math! I’m not going to lie, I used this software to do it for me without checking it myself (I don’t usually count calories and such) and thought I was just helping people out by providing the info. BUT I will take your word for it that it’s not accurate and just remove it! Thanks again!

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  79. Gretchen

    Do these freeze and then reheat well? I’d love to make a big batch for quick breakfasts, but I don’t know what freezes well and what doesn’t, and then whether or not they would taste good reheated after being frozen. Any thoughts on that? Thanks!

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  81. magda

    I made the baked eggs in ham/ turkey cups for my family for thanksgiving breakfast and we all loved them. They are super easy to make. Great recipe!


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