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30+ Delicious Asian Shrimp Recipes

30+ Delicious Asian Shrimp Recipes

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Do you love shrimp? Do you love Asian cuisine? If so you have come to the right place, here’s over 30 delicious Asian shrimp recipes to cook at home!

Before we get in to all the delicious Asian Shrimp Recipes, let’s talk abut the various types of shrimps, shrimp vs prawns, and wild caught vs. farm raised shrimp.

Types of Shrimp

There are actually many types of shrimps and prawns (yes, there is a difference, read more in the next section!) Here are a few most popular ones!

  • Rock Shrimp
  • Pink Shrimp
  • Tiger Shrimp
  • Chinese White Shrimp
  • Brown Shrimp
  • White Shrimp
  • Atlantic Northern Shrimp
  • Spot Shrimp
  • Aesop Shrimp
  • Banana Prawn
  • Blue Shrimp

Learn more about each of these shrimps and prawns here!

Shrimp vs. Prawns

Shrimp and Prawns are actually two different animals, however, there is a lot of confusion between Shrimp vs. Prawns, and it’s partly because different regions use different names.

In the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, the name “prawn” is usually used to describe both prawns and shrimp.

While in North America, the name “shrimp” is used more frequently, and the name “prawn” is used to describe larger species.

Shrimp and prawns come from different branches of the crustacean family tree. Shrimp are members of the pleocyemata suborder, and prawns are part of the dendrobranchiata suborder. They have a few differences in anatomy.

Prawns’ shell segments overlap down their abdomen, and so they can’t be as flexible as shrimp. Prawns are usually also larger in size.

In general though, folks use these words interchangeably.

Wild Caught Shrimp vs. Farm Raised Shrimp

I highly recommend wild caught shrimp over farm raised. Now, I am forced to get wild caught shrimp because I am allergic to farm raised shrimp. I break out in hives all over my face when I have more than like 3 shrimps.

Sounds like a pain, but at the same time it really is a blessing in disguise. I did some research on farm raised shrimp – and they are pretty nasty business. Skip to the next session if you are easily grossed out.

Most shrimp farms are super crowded and unsanitary, and loads of pesticides, antibiotics (some that are banned), and chemicals are used to prevent diseases, and this ends up in the shrimp. Salmonella and E. coli have also been detected in imported shrimp. ALSO, it is disgusting! Think mouse hair, rat hair, and pieces of insects – all things that can be found in shrimp farms. Learn more here.

Anyway, sorry, this isn’t very appetizing… my point is get you some good wild caught shrimp! I normally buy Frozen, Peeled, and Deveined Shrimp.

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Asian Shrimp Recipes

Do you love shrimp? Do you love Asian cuisine? If so you have come to the right place, here's over 30 delicious Asian shrimp recipes to cook at home!

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