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Super Easy Tomato, Mushroom, Spinach Salad

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Three awesome things about this salad. One, it’s super freakin’ easy.  Two, it looks beautiful.  Three, It’s healthy and paleo!  You might be thinking – well, it’s a salad, so of course it’s healthy – but you’d be wrong.  There are plenty of salads out there that’s not and usually it’s due to the dressing.  This salad, not the case!
[schema type=”recipe” name=”Tomato, Mushroom, and Spinach Salad” image=”” prepmins=”2″ cookmins=”3″ ingrt_1=”Balsamic Vinegar” ingrt_2=”Olive oil” ingrt_3=”Garlic, crushed and minced (optional)” ingrt_4=”Roma tomatoes, sliced” ingrt_5=”Button mushrooms, sliced” ingrt_6=”Spinach” ]


1.  In a small bowl, add the garlic (optional), olive oil, and the balsamic vinegar and then mix it well to make dressing.  The amount really depends on how much dressing you want on your salad, but the ratio should be about 2:3 for olive oil to balsamic vinegar.  I usually just eye it.
2.  In a Large Bowl, add the spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms.
3.  Add the dressing to the salad, and enjoy!
Super Easy Tomato, Mushroom, Spinach Salad


  1. looks much like the salad I have been taking to work for the last month. I do mix it up a bit and add some Feta cheese or Dubliner hard ripened cheese and red pepper or celery for crunch factor. Kraft also has a nice dressing, olive oil and parmesan, which is low calorie for a change occasionally.

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